Information about Blue-Green Algae

Blue-green algae blooms can produce chemicals called cyanotoxins which can affect the liver, nervous system, and skin, but is usually only a concern when exposed at high concentrations such as if the member drank substantial amounts of the contaminated water. The blue-green algae blooms often create a foul smell that may irritate the respiratory system in sensitive individuals. Symptoms will usually quickly subside when no longer exposed to the hazard. Additionally, individuals with sensitive skin may develop a rash.

Individuals should avoid ingesting or making contact with any water potentially contaminated with the blue-green algae. If any member ingests water or comes in contact with the algae and starts experiencing adverse health effects they should seek medical assistance. Since the AUX member may have come into contact with the blue-green algae several days ago, they can still attend medical and ask to have an acute exposure form included in their medical record. has released some very helpful information to assist individuals in better understanding the hazard and ways to mitigate the risk:

If the Auxiliary would like to release a safety message, they can use the information provided from to assist in the development of the message. We would be happy to review the message and make recommendations prior to its release. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns with this information or if you have any future health and safety questions.