Human Resources Department

Numerous areas look to the HR Department for assistance. Our dedicated team is working very diligently to assist members wherever possible. Enthusiastic staff officers are constantly working to assist those who have expressed an interest in joining the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.

The FSO-HR Officer is the foundation of the Auxiliary; for without him or her, there would not the members necessary to complete the missions involved to support the United States Coast Guard. This position requires patience and dedication. It is one of the most rewarding positions. HR Officers recognize the “fruits of their labors” especially when an individual that he/she has recruited advances in the Auxiliary and takes an oath of office.  It is another “the proud moment” for the HR Department.

The Human Resources Officer needs to use the resources in each of our neighboring departments (response, prevention and logistics) to find ways to keep our new and seasoned members involved, happy and motivated. This team is constantly working to retain our members and has created the “D7 Mentoring Program.”  This program is geared in training members to become well-informed mentors.


The Human Resources Department is also responsible for the publication of the “D7 Connection.”  This publication is designed to be the vehicle that recognizes the “everyday” Auxiliarist. New members, those who have served 15 years or more and have retired and members who have “Crossed the Bar” are all recognized.  Pictures and articles, reporting special activities, occasions or an “extraordinary” Auxiliarist in a flotilla that should be recognized in the District, are most welcomed. District Officer columns contribute information of interest for all members.  All articles and pictures can be submitted to

For further Human Resources Information, please click on the “HR Corner” in the D7 Website

Enrollment Application  (information post in the HR Corner)

[Posted: 4/142014 Source: Angela Pomaro, DSO-HR 7]


D-7 Connection Magazine

The D-7 Connection is designed to be a vehicle to recognize everyday Auxiliarists; whether that means a new member or seasoned member or those who have retired or even members who have “Crossed the Bar. Pictures and articles reporting special activities, occasions or an “extraordinary” Auxiliarist in your flotilla that you would like to share with the District are most welcomed. We have a lot of members in District 7 who we are sure our other members would be interested in reading about. All articles and pictures can be submitted to

Click on line magazines link to download the D-7 Connection Magazine.

[Posted: 7/12/2009 Source: Angela Pomaro, DSO-HR D7]


MEMBERSHIP GROWTH AWARDS  (information post in the HR Corner)