Dear Members,

I bear good news! Effective immediately, all members are able to access online and print Auxiliary documentation if desired. The Auxiliary has partnered with FedEx Office (formerly Kinko's) to offer this service.

In a nutshell, a member can go online to FedEx's documentation store, select Auxiliary documents, including manuals, and order their printing which can then be picked up at your nearest FedEx Office or have delivered.

To give you an example of the savings you can get through this program, the Auxiliary Manual would cost roughly $70 if printed outside of the program. Through the program you would pay around $17. Three hole punched paper is used.

Bear in mind that these manuals and documents including brochures and posters are available to members through the Auxiliary's website. All documentation is still available free of charge on CD or on an Auxiliary website. This FedEx program is for those members that like things the old fashioned way - lots of paper! Please note that the cost of printing through the FedEx program is paid for by the member with the member's credit card.

Using the FedEx website is easy. You will need these three pieces of information in order to log on to the website.


ID:               uscgaux

Password:     uscgaux1!   (note: the exclamation point at the end of the password)

I am attaching a PDF presentation that will take you through the steps of using the website.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email me. The list of documents and manuals available for printing will be growing over time. If you know of a document or manual that you would like to see added to the FedEx catalog, let me know and I will pass the request along to the right person.


Sal Magro , DSO-MA

PDF Presentation

Division Commanders, Flotilla Commanders, and SO-MAs