I want to welcome you to the D7 marine safety and environmental protection homepage for 2017. While many new things are being implemented with regard to our staff, structure, mission priorities and so on, you are job # 1. We will always put first supporting the growth, training, development and qualifications of the D7 MS team, new and experienced. We will work for you, and understand that without an organized and proper support structure in place, we could not have the qualified and motivated personnel needed to complete the missions so tasked.

Getting involved with prevention operations for most Auxiliarists is a big unknown. I speak from experience. I started on this journey to become a marine safety professional some seven years ago. I was lost, even after having just served four years as a Flotilla Commander and Vice Commander! I’m in this position today as your DSO-MS primarily because of the committed and professional prevention mentors who guided and helped me along the way, both Auxiliarists and Coasties. In becoming a marine safety professional, you cannot go it alone, but you are always your own boss. We are here to help you every step of the way. Even while we perform our own mission commitments to the Auxiliary and USCG Prevention operations. Keeping our waterways safe, secure and pollution free is the overriding mission.

In closing, if marine safety and environmental protection is of interest to you, and you are willing to make a commitment to yourself and Team Coast Guard, please come join us. Reach out to your FSO-MS to take the first steps in this rewarding journey that puts you right in the middle of the action in keeping America’s waterway’s incident and pollution free.


Edward E. Pratt, DSO-MS