The wheels have begun to move forward on the National level. The new Division Chief, Navigation Systems (DVC-PN) has had his first strategic meeting to develop a project document for approval to maximize prevention support, response, capacity and capabilities.

DSOs and other influential members of Navigation teams have been asked for their input to the following areas:

  •  Establish Aid Verifier Currency Maintenance Requirements
  • Establish Currency Maintenance Requirements for Aid Verification Qualification
  • Standardize annual activity necessary to avoid REYR status
  •  Standardize procedures for exiting REYR status
  •  Establish length of time in REYR prior to loss of qualification.



2016 has been a rocky year for the Navigation Systems program. We have not had a working policy in the District since March, when the Commodore and Director of Auxiliary rescinded the D7 policy. I look forward to working with the new team of District leadership, in getting a policy in place that will please all Aid Verifiers.

The Goals for 2017 include:

  •  A  D7 DIRAUXINST policy in place
  •  Create a closer working relationships with Auxiliaries and the ANT teams
  •  AV/PQS Workshops in each region on the DSO web page
  •  Have Go to Meetings in each region to resolve areas of concern
  •  Select teaching teams for each of the three Regional areas

Semper Paratus

Agnes K. Mical

DSO-NS District 7




Updated 10-04-16