The Program Visitation effort revolves around not only working with the sites where recreational boating enthusiasts gather, but also working directly with those members of the boating public. By first establishing a working relationship with the partners who range from marinas, marine supply retail stores to other sites where boaters congregate, where we set the stage for distribution of boating safety literature to the public.


Further emphasis to meet the boaters while at these sites can broaden the coverage of educating the recreational boating community on safe boating practices. When combined with providing information on boating safety classes, assisting the partners in setting up and conducting safety seminars, and one-on-one discussions with boaters, we can get maximum coverage in promoting boating safety through the Program Visitation effort.


How does an Auxiliary member get qualified?


What assistance is available to you as a PV? Each region of District 7 has an ADSO-PV. They are there to assist you in setting up special major events. Each Flotilla has a Flotilla Staff Officer-Program Visitation (FSO-PV). They are there to assist you locally with PV issues and support for special events. Your Flotilla has several staff officers (FSO’s Materials, Vessel Examiner, Public Education and Public Affairs) who can provide support in obtaining literature, scheduling you to participate in Flotillas boating safety events, etc.


The ADSO-PV’s for District 7 are:


ADSO-PV (North) Jacqueline Weskerna   JACKIEWESKERNA@aol.com

ADSO-PV (East)  Carol Floyd  LEVOROTARY3@aol.com

ADSO-PV (West)  Ann Bennett  TYBEEANN@aol.com


Ronald D. Foreman, DSO-PV   ronf.cgaux.1206@gmail.com

   [Posted: 1/2/2015 Source: Ronald D Foreman, DSO-PV, D7

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D7 RBS Partners List

At present we do not have a current Partners List for District 7.  We are  looking for members to build a database for all Flotillas.


Marina/Yacht Club Safe Boater Program - A Guide for RBS Program Visitors

The purpose of this program is to integrate existing RBS Programs into a focused boating safety and education initiative, which will increase the delivery of the RBS messages in an efficient and concentrated manner.

News and reports are communication with members within the unit, unit leaders, and the next level of responsibility


For more information regarding this Office:

Ronald D. Foreman, DSO-PV   ronf.cgaux.1206@gmail.com


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