Thank you for your confidence in me again this year as your  DSO VE  7.

Our Examiners  are off to a  quick start for  2017 !   We  have  replenished  over  12  Flotillas  with  additional  VSC  Decals  so  far  this year.    (that’s over 1000  additional  Decals !)

 To meet the  qualification for re-ordering,  you  must  notify  me first.   The re-ordering  process only  goes  through the  DSO VE in  each  District  in the  U.S.       ANSC  Granite  City  will grant  those requests  once  the  unit has used 50%  of  their annual  allotment.   (I’ll  help  you  with that).    I need  the  full mailing address of the  Flotilla Commander only to send the  new Decals.


Secondly,   There  are  a lot of  new  and exciting things happening with Vessel Examinations in D-7  coming down  from the District Bridge  regarding  NSBW  and  Paddle Craft  and Facility Offer for Use policy (more on  that next month)


Feel free to contact me    :  

Awards are the way the Auxiliary gets paid for dedication and performance of duty!

District 7 continues to award those Vessel Examiners who have completed 30 or more Paddle Craft Vessel Safety Checks in  2017 !

For the Examiner to receive their Certificate Award, and gift , contact your SO-VE in your Division with your name and unit number and have them forward it to me the DSO VE 7  for processing.

The Award will be mailed to your Division Commander for disbursement

A big thank you goes out to all our Vessel Examiners in District 7 for continued efforts supporting the District RBS Plan.

Chuck  Kelemen   DSO VE  7 

Adobe Acrobat“Kidde  Fire Extinguisher  Recall”

See you  on  the ramps


Chuck   Kelemen   DSO VE  7