Thank you for your confidence in me again this year as your DSO-VE

Our Examiners are off to a quick start for 2018! We have replenished over 12 Flotillas with additional VSC Decals so far this year. Thatís over 1,000 additional Decals!

To meet the qualification for re-ordering, you must notify me first. The re-ordering process only goes through the DSO VE in each District in the U.S. ANSC Granite City will grant those requests once the unit has used 50% of their annual allotment. Iíll help you with that. I need the full mailing address of the Flotilla Commander only to send the new Decals.

Secondly, There are a lot of new and exciting things happening with Vessel Examinations in D-7 coming down from the District Bridge regarding NSBW and Paddle Craft and Facility Offer for Use policy (more on that next month)

Feel free to contact me:

Awards are the way the Auxiliary gets paid for dedication and performance of duty!

District 7 continues to award those Vessel Examiners who have completed 30 or more Paddle Craft Vessel Safety Checks in 2018!

For the Examiner to receive their Certificate Award, and gift , contact your SO-VE in your Division with your name and unit number and have them forward it to me the DSO VE for processing.

The Award will be mailed to your Division Commander for disbursement.

A big thank you goes out to all our Vessel Examiners in District 7 for continued efforts supporting the District RBS Plan.

Chuck Kelemen, DSO VE

Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall

See you on the ramps!