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Assistant District Staff Officer - Member Training

District 7 is looking for four (4) enthusiastic and visionary individuals to fill the Assistant District Staff Officer – Member Training positions. The ADSO-MT will be responsible for working with the District Staff Officer - MemberTraining (DSO-MT) in developing, providing, and overseeing district wide professional development. Duties and responsibilities must be consistent with the provisions of the Auxiliary Manual.

In addition, the ADSO-MT will consult with division SOs, defining the professional development needs in the areas of prevention (MS MT NS SL PE PV VE), response (AV CM OP), logistics (CS DV FS HR IS MA PA PB) and leadership at the division level. The ADSO-MT will assist the SOs in the preparation and presentation of professional development for members and staff to meet their needs.

The ADSO-MT must be able to prepare new professional development programs as needed. The ability to use electronic means to train is essential.

Each ADSO-MT will be responsible for communicating with division SO- MTs in their geographic region. Maintaining regular contact with the SO- MTs is crucial for the success of districtwide professional development. The frequency of such communication will be monthly for reporting purposes and as needed to pass down information received from the DSO-MT. A communication should be sent as an introduction prior to the start of the year, with any directions, procedures, and reminders that may be necessary to start SO-MT’s off in the right direction. Supplementary communications by phone, electronic meetings and in person is highly recommended.

The ADSO-MT must be a certified instructor and prior adult learning experience is a plus. The ADSO-MT may not hold an elected office and may only have a total of 3 positions. This appointment will be for a 2-year period (2019 – 2020).

If interested in applying for this position, fill out the online application. Any questions may be directed to the DSO-MT at or 941-223-9064.