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District Staff Officer - Member Training

The District Staff Officer – Member Training is responsible for overseeing, developing and providing member training throughout the district. Duties and responsibilities must be consistent with the provisions of the Auxiliary Manual.

Consult with the DCO, DCOS, and other members of the EXCOM to prepare a district training plan for approval by the DCO. Assist in preparing and presenting workshops and member training for each program where district needs and member interest warrant.

The DSO-MT must be able to prepare new training programs for the district as needed. This person must be an Instructor and prior adult teaching experience is a plus. The ability to use electronic means to train is essential.

Assist the DSO-OP, DSO-CM, and DSO-MS in preparing and presenting operational exercises and training as needed.

Collaborate with the DSO-CM, DSO-NS, DSO-OP, DSO-PE, DSO-PV and DSO-VE-to ensure that all required and optional workshops are presented early in the year.

Assist the DSO-HR and DSO-PE in ensuring that new members are trained in the basics of Auxiliary membership and advanced as soon as possible to BQ status.

Arrange appropriate member training for district members and staff as needed.

Maintain current knowledge of on-line training opportunities available to Auxiliary members as assist members in accessing and using that training. Issue training bulletins as needed to keep district members informed of changes in availability and procedures.

Prepare regular notices to the SOs-MT. The frequency of such notices will be as needed to pass down all information received from the ADSO-MT’s. A communication should be sent as an introduction prior to the start of the year, with any directions, procedures, and reminders that may be necessary to start new ASDO-MT’s, SO-MT’s off in the right direction. When appropriate, provide copies to the EXCOM and applicable district staff officers. Supplement formal communications with visits, both by phone, electronic meetings and in person.

With help from the DSO-IS, review the appropriate AUXINFO data at least quarterly to track the status of the district’s training. of required training and assist the ADSO-MTs and SO-MTs in promoting and tracking the training. When a weakness is observed within the district, talk with the appropriate staff officers. Request advice on the nature of the problem and offer assistance. When appropriate, prepare correspondence for the DCOS to use in requesting information from the district staff officers on perceived training problems.

The DSO-MT cannot hold an elected office and may only have a total of 3 positions. This appointment will be for a 2 year period.

Must be a certified instructor. Teaching adult learning is a plus. If interested in applying for this position.

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