Greg Hendricks, Auxiliary Sector Coordinator – Sector Jacksonville

Greg Hendricks
Auxiliary Sector Coordinator – Sector Jacksonville

Sector Jacksonville’s Area of Responsibility (AOR) encompasses 40,000 square miles of ocean and inland waterways. Within the Sector’s AOR are 190 miles of coastline, stretching from Naval Station King’s Bay, GA to Port Malabar, FL. Along this coastline are 10 inlets, most of which provide safe passage to inland waterways. Inland waters within the AOR include 248 miles of Intracoastal Waterways, (ICW), and 161 miles of the St. Johns River, including numerous rivers, creeks and marshlands.

The Auxiliary, in Sector Jacksonville’s AOR, support and augment the Coast Guard’s needs by using & training Auxiliary personnel to be a true “force multiplier” as needed & required. Within Sector Jacksonville, there are 3 Auxiliary Divisions that provide 765 members, 47 surface facilities, 4 air facilities & 40 radio facilities, covering operational mission support such as Marine Patrols, SAR, ATON patrols, Pollution Response & Watchstanding, to name a few.

Sector Jacksonville’s 3 Auxiliary Divisions also contributed, in 2015, over 83,000 Recreational Boating Safety hours, over 2,00 Marine Dealer Visit hours, almost 3,000 Public Affairs hours, 2,400 Public Education hours & just over 3,300 Vessel Examination hours. This is a testament to the Auxiliary’s commitment to make the waters of Sector Jacksonville safer for the boating public.

This continued support of the Coast Guard is imperative in today’s world of under-funding of the US Coast Guard. Sector Jacksonville can have confidence in the Auxiliary’s cooperation & support now & in the future.

It is my honor & privilege to support Sector Jacksonville & the Auxiliary.