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If you are looking for information about Aids to Navigation programs in the Auxiliary you are at the right resource. We are assembling links to both the U.S. Coast Guard and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Ocean Service information web sites. Our goal is to make this web site a one stop source for all you who may want information about the National Aids to Navigation program.

We also have links to our unique programs for Auxiliarists like our National “C” school, our cooperative Chart Updating program (CU and SCF) with NOAA and our newly revitalized Bridge Administration Program (BAP).

If you are interested in our ATON, PATON, CU-Chart Updating, SCF-Small Craft Facility Updating, and BAC-Bridge Administration Program, welcome aboard!

District Navigational Services Office

Qualified Auxiliarists and their facilities are authorized assignment to duty to support and augment the Coast Guard 's Aids to Navigation program. This includes verifying the location and characteristics of private aids to navigation (PATONs), after qualifying as an AV--Aid Verifier. Auxiliarists may assist and support Coast Guard units in servicing Federal aids after receiving proper Coast Guard training.

Auxiliarists may also help the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the US Army Corps of Engineers in updating nautical charts and publications. Training is available in all five Auxiliary Aids to Navigation Programs - ATON - Federal Aids, PATON - Private Aids, BAP - Bridges, and SCF - Small Craft Facility Updating.

ASDO-NS - Sector Charleston – Craig T. Hammer

ASDO-NS - Sector Key West – Vacant

ASDO-NS - Sector Jacksonville – Joseph L. Erdmann

ADSO-NS - Sector Miami - Vacant

ADSO-NS - Sector San Juan - Vacant

ASDO-NS - Sector St Petersburg – Anthony W. Hooper

News and reports are communications with members within the unit, unit leaders, and the next level of responsibility.

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