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Coast Guard District Seven Director of Auxiliary (dpa)


Operations Training Officer (OTO)

CWO2 Brooke Blount, BOSN2 
Brook Blount

   Image of USCG CWO-2 metal collar device.

Brook Blount
Chief Warrant Officer (BOSN2)

Image of USCG boatswain metal collar device.





                                                D7 Qualification Examiner References
                                                                                 (April 14, 2020, Revision) 

D7 QE Pre-Exercise Brief
D7 QE Standards for Coxswain
 D7 QE Standards for Boat Crew 

Towing Powerpoint Presentation

Wally Smith, with support from COMO's
Perata and Ramsey put together an excellent overview presentation on towing.

It's available from the link below for you to
review and incorporate into your training.
As always, I strongly recommend you use
tools like these in ADDITION to the Boat
Crew  Seamanship Manual.

Click to download the PowerPoint file.


D7 Auxiliary Qualification Examiner Program

New policies and procedures for specific details.

Survival Gear Maintenance

To properly maintain rescue and survival gears, the following tools should be used:
Rescue and Survival Maintenance Procedure Cards and Blank Forms