District Vessel Examination Office

Awards are the way the Auxiliary gets paid for dedication and performance of duty!

District 7 continues to award those Vessel Examiners who have completed 30 or more Paddle Craft Vessel Safety Checks in 2018!

For the Examiner to receive their Certificate Award, and gift , contact your SO-VE in your Division with your name and unit number and have them forward it to me the DSO VE for processing.

The Award will be mailed to your Division Commander for disbursement.

A big thank you goes out to all our Vessel Examiners in District 7 for continued efforts supporting the District RBS Plan.

The Vessel Examiner officer will exercise staff responsibility and supervision over all matters pertaining to the District Vessel Safety Check program, the inspection of Auxiliary OPFACs, and to keep the members informed of all developments in this AORs. The DSO-VE will coordinate and cooperate with the DSO-PA on promoting and publicizing all VSC activities, with the DSO-MT to encourage, increase and train new vessel examiners, with the DSO-OP to organize the annual inspection of all OPFACs, and the DSO-IS to be certain no vessel examiner falls below their annual VSC quota for maintaining their certification status.

District 7 Vessel Safety Check Award Program

Vessel Safety Check Performance Awards:

Paddle Craft VSC Performance Awards:

News and reports are communication with members within the unit, unit leaders, and the next level of responsibility.

A summary of the most important features of a job, including the general nature of the work performed (duties and responsibilities) and level (ie, skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions) of the work performed.

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Patti McGowan, DSO-VE