District Member Training T.E.A.M.

Training Every Auxiliary Member

The mission of the District Member Training TEAM will be to provide quality professional development to the members of District 7, by making quality training courses available to all members.

The TEAM’s training goals will support Commodore John Holmes's District 7 Operational Plan 2023 -2024 in developing training in the following areas:


  1. Goal: Provide qualified members to augment the mission, service, and people needs of the Coast Guard. The District Staff Officer Human Resources (DSO-HR) and Member Training (DSO-MT) will be responsible for overseeing and implementing this goal and shall advise monthly on the progress.
  2. Goal: Promote the Auxiliary University Program (UP) to university, Auxiliary, Reserve, and active duty communities. The DSO-MT and DSO PE (Public Education) will collectively review with local Divisions and District Captain (DCAPT) all potential university programs that meet the requirements for this program and develop a minimum of two additional UP programs within 2 years.

DISTRICT SEVEN (D7) GOALS (OPLAN 2023-2024 Page 12): The following District officers will lead the goal efforts, lend support, and provide innovative and creative ideas, information, and relevancy collaborating with other officers, teams, members, and partners to achieve positive results:

Recruiting and Retention: District Staff Officer - Member Training (DSO-MT) & Public Affairs (DSO-PA), Human Resources (DSO-HR), & AUXSCOUT (DSO-AS)

Coast Guard: DSO Emergency Management (DSO-EM), Auxiliary Sector Coordinators (ASCs), DSO-HR, and DSO-MT.

1. To recruit, mentor, and train new members.

A. Recruit, mentor, and train members in all Recreational Boating Safety (RBS) areas, increasing members by 10% and certifications by 5% per year.

B. Use the gap analysis research to identify Flotilla concerns and implement solutions based on member feedback.

C. District Member Training Staff Officers (DSO-MT & ADSOs-MT) train Division Staff Officers on using the local unit resources to develop and implement targeted recruiting and mentoring programs in units. Increase the number of active mentoring programs by 15% per year.

D. DSO-MT & ADSOs-MT assist divisions and flotillas to develop targeted recruiting plans. In support of recruiting and mentoring programs.

E. Improve retention rates of tenured members through awards and recognition of these members.

2. Recreational Boating Safety

3. Support to Coast Guard Units

4. Technology Training to Improve Mission Efficiency and Effectiveness

5. Develop partnerships, programs, and trained members in marine safety and marine environmental protection.

Your D7 Member Training Team: Assistant District Staff Officers (ADSOs)

ADSO-MT Sector Charleston - Kerry Eakins – kweakins@gmail.com

ADSO-MT Sector Jacksonville - Mark Alfred Van-Balen – m_vanbalen@yahoo.com

ADSO-MT Sector St Petersburg - Joseph John Kraska – krask003@umn.edu

ADSO-MT Sector Miami - David Ray Neal – marino48@aol.com

ADSO-MT Sector Key West - Richard A Natole – auxnatole@aol.com

ADSO-MT Sector San Juan - Valentin Fontanez – valentinfontanez@gmail.com

Member Training Priorities: Pathway to Success / Member Involvement Plan / Individual Development Plan (IDP) / Succession Planning / Coaching / Mentoring Guide

Leadership Development : Leadership Competencies Training to accelerate Auxiliary Careers

1. Level 1 Leader - Member : to access Self-Paced courses use the enrollment keys

a. Aux Core Training (AUXCT) Self-Attestation tab at National Testing Center (NTC)

b. Basic Qualification Course II (BQCII) Exams at National Testing Center (NTC) (for all Leadership Candidates even BQ/AX)

c. Level 1 Leadership Competency (LEAD1) Exams at National Testing Center (NTC)

d. Auxiliary Administrative Procedures Course (APC) Exams at National Testing Center (NTC)

e. Auxiliary Flotilla Leadership Course (AFLC) (on-line or classroom) Exams at National Testing Center (NTC)

f. FEMA Effective Communications (IS-242.series)

2. Level 2 Leader - Flotilla: Flotilla Procedures Guide / Flotilla GAR / Succession Planning / Coaching & Mentoring Guide

a. Level 1 – Leadership Competency Certification (from Level 1 above)

b. Level 2 Leadership Competency (LEAD2) Exams at National Testing Center (NTC)

c. Auxiliary Leadership & Management School (AUXLAMS) resident course or both Parts A & B

d. FEMA (National Fire Academy) Intro to Supervision & Management (Q0426)

e. FEMA Decision Making & Problem Solving (IS-241.series)

f. FEMA Developing & Managing Volunteers (IS-244.series)

3. Level 3 Leader - Division: Division Procedures Guide

a. Level 2 – Leadership Competency Certification (from Level 2 above)

b. Level 3 Leadership Competency (LEAD3) Exams at National Testing Center (NTC)

c. Auxiliary Mid-Level Officer Course (AMLOC)

d. FEMA Leadership & Influence (IS-240.series)

4. Level 4 Leader - District

a. Level 3 – Leadership Competency Certification (from Level 3 above)

b. Level 4 Leadership Competency (LEAD4) Exams at National Testing Center (NTC)

c. Auxiliary Upper-Level Officer Course (AULOC) resident course or both Part A & Part B

5. Required Yearly Not Met (REYR)/Required Workshop Not Met (REWK) :

a. Intro To Risk Management (ITRM) for Surface/Air/Telecommunications / Marine Safety / Elected

b. Risk Management Refresher / Team Coordination Training (TCT) for Surface/Air/Telecommunications/Marine Safety

c. Operations Workshops for Surface,Air & Telecommunications

d. Vessel Examiner (VE) Workshop & Instructor (IT) Workshop:Workshop Self Attestation

e. Culinary Assistance (AUXCA)/Food Service (AUXFS) Sanitation Update Exams at National Testing Center (NTC)

6. Required Yearly Not Met (REYR)/Required Workshop Not Met (REWK) : FEMA Basic ICS for Initial Response (IS-200.series) & National Response Framework, Intro (IS-800)

7. Operational Auxiliarist (AUXOP): "The PhD of the Auxiliary" advanced training for practical relevance to CG missions

Training Links:

If you have training suggestions, questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us, your District 7 Member Training TEAM. David Patlak: D7 DSO-MT, mt@uscga-district-7.org or dpatlak@yahoo.com.

David Patlak, DSO-MT

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